Check the day and time you would like to book. If there is a name there, it is already taken. If the day and time says "Rec. Arts/Lab", it is available. You can set up your request proposal in the Music Tech Forum as per your instructor's direction.

Then, email (or click on the name if your browser is set up correctly), request the day and time, be sure to include your name and class ID (MUS 80, MUS 81A, etc.), what mics and equipment you will need, etc. you will recieve a confirmation email when your session is confirmed - be sure to give our scheduler at least one week's notice.

Dates are assigned on a first come-first served basis, if an email request is timestamped ahead of yours, it wil receive priority, we reserve the right to assign times. only request one session at a time. if you do not use your time after it has been assigned, you will lose all of your scheduled times. Be sure to bring your ID when you arrive for your time! (ID means a driver's license, visa or passport, not a Costco card). No ID = No Session, period!